Monday, 19 November 2012

A few personal favourites

I source and sell vintage/retro tableware and accessories and rely on car boots for a lot of my stock.  There is nothing better than a rummage around on a Saturday or Sunday morning - the saying is very true "one persons junk is another's treasure".  Now that winter is truly here, I have to face the fact that most car boots have finished until next year.  With the current demand for vintage teacups I wish I had bought in bulk when I had the chance!

I am finding that charity shop prices are now at an all time high - so car boots really are the place to find cheap treasures.

Here are some of my favourites:



I buy and sell at this Sunday car boot.  (I have now sold at it twice - the first time I did really well as the weather was good, second time the weather wasn't great so didn't do quite so well).  It is expensive to have a pitch at this one but it is worth it (£20 being the cheapest price).   There is always a steady stream of buyers and lots of antique dealers/buyers so if you have any collectibles there will always be interest.  The other advantage of this boot is that it is held on a playground so no mud and it stays open all year round.  Nice bunch of people and the guys who help you park your car etc if you are selling are fantastic - very helpful.

Pimlico - I had heard great things about this boot fair but felt disappointed - I sold at it but did not do very well.  I had a table inside and it was very quiet.  The bonus though was that I managed to buy some good items.  A couple of people brought items from me and then immediately put them on their stalls at a higher price.  Very well organised event but I found it quiet.

Southfields Primary School, Chiswick

I have only been to this one once but will definitely be going back - in fact I am looking forward to going this Sunday (25th Nov).  Lots of childrens and adults clothes - designer and high street names in great condition.  I found 2 Emma Bridgewater mugs (2 for £5) so was thrilled.  I would advice to get there early to get all the good stuff. A few antique/collectible stalls and there are lots of dealers going around too.



This is a fantastic Saturday morning car boot.  I love it!!!  You need to have lots of time to wander up and down as it is a big one!  I have found some great things.  Lots of great cheap furniture.  It is not a really early start either - I usually arrive around 9.30am.  Great way of spending a Saturday morning. If you are selling at this one though don't expect to sell at high prices - people don't expect to pay much for stuff.  It was here that I met an old Dutch man selling original enamels - he would not lower his prices though - he definitely knew the worth of his goods.  I brought 3 lovely items from him.  A red enamel teapot and 2 milk urn style jugs).  I have also seen a taxidermy stall here - weird but interesting to look at!!!


Another favourite of mine.  Held on a Sunday and again a late starter.  I have found some great things here from vintage glass jelly moulds to fab little side tables.  Both of these Buckinghamshire car boots are held on grass so close from mid November to Feb time.  A really good morning/afternoon rummage!  Always lots of characters too for a bit of people watching!


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